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Physical Infrastructure
Land :- The institute has its own land ownership basis in the name of society measuring 0.25 Heqtair (2500 Sq. Meter) at village Kairwal Tehsil Neem Ka Thana Distt. Sikar, Rajasthan.

Building :- The institute is located village Kairwal 4 km from Neem Ka Thana, in spacious and multistory building with beautiful surroundings total cover area of building is 2500.10 Sq. Meter. Institute has provision for adequate number of class rooms, MP Hall, Library, Common room, Games room, Store room, Workshop room, Music room etc. in the building.

Class Room:- Institute has more then 10 class rooms. Each classroom space is as per NCTE norms for more than 50 students intake capacity. Classroom space is available 10 Sq. feet per student. Adequate furniture available in classroom.

Principle Room:- Well furnished two Principle room attached toilet is available  in the  Institute as per NCTE norms. One for B.Ed and other for STC.

Faculty Room:- Well furnished two faculty room are available in Institute as per NCTE norms.

Common Room:- Seprate common room are available in Institute as per NCTE norms.

Office Room:- Well furnished office room  is available in Institute as per NCTE norms.

Hall:- Two multipurpose Hall are available in the Institute as per NCTE norms for more than 100 to 150 student  intake capacity
Institutional Facilities
The institute has comprehensive science lab, Psychology lab, ET. Media lab, Library, Games and music facilities

Library:- the Institute has a top class library possessing a wide range of books and educational  journals. The library has a collection of more then 3000 books on the  teacher education with  a minimum of 200 reference books. The library subscribed 10 educational journals and 50 many any other journal/Periodicals. The library has collection of two set educational encyclopedia. 40 student  sitting capacity available in the library. Adequate furniture are available in the library.

Science Lab:-  The Institute has created Science lab facilities in the college building. Science lab has multiple set of the science apparatus, chemical and consumable item. In the required quantity. The science lab facilities and with furniture are adequate.

Psychology lab:- The Institute has created Psychology lab facilities all instruments and test for the simple experiments related to the education Psychology are available in Psychology lab the facilities of Psychology lab are adequate

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Education Technology and Media Lab:- the institute has created well educational technology and media lab. Four computers with supporting accessories like multimedia, internet access, printers are available in the ET lab. Facilities for accessing and use of digital learning recourses are available, color TV, CD Players, OHP, Slide Projector, Amplifier, radio, tap recorder, camera and all other required equipments are available in the ET lab. Public address system facilities are available in ET Lab.

Language Learning Facilities:- Language learning facilities are available in the ET Lab. All posters, charts and other facilities available for language learning.

Games Facilities: - All indoors and outdoors games facilities and equipments available in the Institute.

Music Facilities: - All musical apparatus available in the Institute